5 Things Every Mom Needs In The Car

5 Things Every Mom Needs In The Car

I am constantly trying to organize my car. Well, my husband is constantly trying to organize my car and THAT doesn’t work because what he does is take everything out of my car. While I appreciate his help, that means I am constantly without what I need. So in an effort to stop my husband from cleaning out my car I am working on organizing it.

Here are five things I keep in my car to function and how I keep it organized!


1) Bag or Box

5 Things Every Mom Needs in The Car

In order to organize my car I decided that first I needed a bag or box to keep everything together in the car. I have been wanting a market basket and I knew it was exactly what I needed! They are durable and have so many uses!! Quite often I have to manage my time so that I do my grocery shopping a few hours before the boys get out of preschool or I have other errands to run before heading home. This insulated basket keeps all my frozen foods and meats safe and cold! It also serves double duty by containing all my mom stuff! And I had it monogrammed with my initials because, well, it’s more fun that way. 🙂

2) Plastic Bags

5 Things Every Mom Needs In The Car

The number of times I use plastic bags is staggering! Just the other day Noah started throwing up and I was able to quickly pull over and grab my container of plastic baggies and shove one in his hands. I followed this tutorial and covered a wet ones wipes container with scrapbook paper and followed their awesome tip for rolling up the bags so they continuously dispense. If the thought of plastic baggies makes your environmental soul shiver then you can just have reusable wet bags instead.

Here are more “fun” reasons you should always have plastic bags or reusable wet bags in your car.

  • Barf Bag
  • Dirty Diapers
  • Trash
  • Wet or Soiled Clothes
  • Potty liner for pottytraining

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3) Paper Towels

These are kind of self explanatory for all the reasons listed above for plastic bags. Basically for all the spills and nastiness that follow children around!

4)Antibacterial Wipes

Antibacterial wipes are a must! I am slowly realizing that the most important things I keep in my car all directly relate to how dirty and messy children are! LOL

5) First Aid Kit

Not only are kids messy but they hurt themselves, and you, and other people. For bumps, bruises and scrapes it is great to have something you can easily grab to clean them up and get them going again. I also suggest stocking Advil or Tylenol because not only are they messy and clumsy but they are loud too! I can’t tell you how many times I have been caught out and about with a splitting headache! Check out this easy DIY Dollar Store First Aid Kit from Mama Cheaps to make your own.

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This list is obviously not everything you will need, just the top five essentials. Beyond this it really depends on the age of your kids. You can check this post for a list of things to keep in your car if your child is under the age of 2. I am realizing the older they get the less I feel like a pack mule. Hopefully that trend keeps proving true!

The market basket is my favorite was to store all this stuff. It often sits in the front seat with me and I can easily cover valuables when I’m running in the store. I also keep an old small diaper box in it to hold all my junk so that I can pop it in and out when I use the bag to hold my groceries. It has kept my car clean and my groceries cold. That’s a win – win!