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Thank you for stopping by The UnCoordinated Mommy Blog. My name is Tracy Kistler and I would love to work with you!

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I always appreciate the opportunity to provide my readers with giveaways and/or coupon codes, provided they relate to the content of my blog. I am primarily interested in products or services that help make life as a mom easier and/or prettier. Specifically, I am very interested in areas that include but are not limited to organization, art / crafting, and photography. 🙂 If you feel that your product or service fits this need please feel free to email me.

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Product Review Details:

A product review on The UnCoordinated Mommy’s blog will be comprised of my honest personal opinion of your product, including photos and links to the product website.  Products provided will not be returned unless prior arrangements to this effect have been made.  It will take approximately 3 weeks, following receipt of the item, for a review to be posted.  This will allow time to test out the product in my home, including any washing/maintenance activities that are required prior to drafting the review.  I will contact the company directly with questions/concerns and will not post an entirely negative review.


From time to time, I will post product reviews for which I have received compensation either monetarily or in the form of sample products. I will always disclose when I have been compensated for a review, and you can be assured that my review is an honest one. I will always provide my honest assessment, both pros and cons, so that my readers have an honest appraisal of my experience with the product being reviewed. Besides, what may be a negative experience for me could be something that would be positive for you. Or vice versa. Integrity is important to me.

Affiliate Links:

On occasion the hyperlinks located on this site contain affiliate referral links to other websites. This means that if you follow a link and purchase something I recommend, then I will be financially rewarded.  I only have affiliate links on products that I use myself and have purchased and feel are valuable and reliable.