Why Boutiques Are The Perfect Place For Me To Shop #DiscoverMW

This is a post for all you local yocals out there or anyone who’s visiting Atlanta!

If you have followed this blog recently you know that we just moved. We have stayed in the Atlanta metro area but moved to the Marietta, just north of the city. In the East Cobb section of Marietta is Merchant’s Walk. Back in the spring Noah and I helped out at a Blogger Bakesale hosted by Merchant’s Walk. Even though it was very wet, we had a blast!

I was thrilled when I was contacted again for a new blogging campaign! This time the focus was on treating ourselves! We were given gift cards to go shop at the boutiques located at Merchants Walk. Now it’s right down the road and I find myself driving by it all the time! I was definitely NOT disappointed. These boutiques were awesome!

I must confess right now that I would never in a million years call myself a fashion blogger. There is a reason I call myself The UnCoordinated Mommy and that carries over to fashion as well. One of the things I LOVE about these boutiques is that I felt very comfortable right away and just explained that I have been pregnant for about 3 years and have no idea what I should be wearing and that I am fashion impaired. The ladies were so sweet and pulled tons of clothes for me to try on and brought different sizes when I needed them.

Fab'rik Merchants Walk East Cobb Boutique

My first stop was Fab’rik. I tried on some amazing clothes and even tweeted a picture of my butt. Seriously. I’m not sure what I was thinking at the time, probably just shocked at how awesome my butt looked in these pants and got a little carried away. 🙂 Ultimately, though, I settled on this gorgeous dress. Fab'rik Merchants Walk East Cobb BoutiqueOur “assignment” was to shop for an outfit to wear to a brunch hosted for us at Seed Kitchen and Bar. It was gorgeous and worked perfectly for a sunday brunch. I also can’t wait to pair it with some tights and boots this fall. This was also suggested by the woman helping me at Fab’rik. Lord knows I would never have come up with that myself. If anyone has any suggestions I still can’t figure out what color tights and boots would look best. I’ve seriously considered going back and asking. 🙂

Merchants Walk East Cobb

My second goal was to find something awesome to wear to the Falcons games. We had a Sunday night and Monday night games and I knew I would be going sans babies so this was my chance to really dress it up for once! I was so happy to find this amazing black and white chevron blouse with an even more amazing statement necklace at Muse.Muse Merchants Walk East Cobb BoutiqueIt was perfect for the Monday night game and I even wore the necklace with a black dress when we were introduced as new members at our church! Looking back at the family photo I’m realizing I need to visit the Carter’s store at Merchant’s Walk and pick up some clothes for my little ragamuffins too! Eric and I looked very sharp and well, the boys? Not so much.

If you live in the area you have to check out Merchant’s Walk and all the wonderful stores and boutiques they have there!