31 Stories From The South

***Blows dust off the keyboard***

Whew! I’m back y’all!!! Man oh man has it been a rough few weeks. I was looking at my home page and I just realized I posted twice during the month of September. TWICE!! How is that even possible?? Well we have moved into our new home. We are finally home owners!! So exciting, but even more excited that we are done moving. By done I mean we are completely out of our old house. We still of course have a million boxes scattered across our house and absolutely nothing is safe for the kids. So much to do people.

31 Stories from The South - The UnCoordinated Mommy

But enough of all that. I am so happy to be back to blogging! So happy in fact that I am seriously off and running. I have decided to participate in a blogging challenge. Its called 31 Days, hosted by The Nesting Place, and I am so excited. You basically pick a topic, any topic you want, and you write a post a day for 31 days all about that topic. There are lots of cool ones like 31 Days of Tips for New Homeowners (Uh Hello! Could that be better timed!?) and 31 Days of Everything In It’s Place (Again, perfect for right now). There is also a whole writing/blogging category with one of my favorites 31 Days of Blog Planning and Free Printables. I thought the writing/blogging category would be best for mine but I’ve decided to shoot for the Too Awesome To Categorize category. Ha ha, how’s that for ego! 🙂 This is naturally a very popular category so I hope I don’t get lost in it!

I will be writing a story a day for 31 days. Each story is going to, in some way, shape, or form involve the south. I’ve obviously enjoyed telling tales on my mom lately, and why should the fun stop there! I’ve got tons of stories about me, my sister, my grandfather (to name a few) and just southern life in general. AND since it’s October quite a few are going to honor this spooky month with some chilling tales. I mean come on, ghosts and the south kind of go hand in hand.

To follow along sign up to follow me via Bloglovin or get an email to sent straight to your inbox by subscribing in the box up in the column on the right. You can also just bookmark this post as each time I post to the 31 Stories From The South category it will update on this page so that at the end of the month there should be 31 links listed below.

So stick around and I hope y’all enjoy reading these stories as much as I am going to enjoy writing them!!

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