A Mom In Defense of the NFL All Clear Bag Policy

NFL All Clear Bag Policy

Y’all there are some crazy people out there who are always just looking for a reason to complain. And then they allowed us to create blogs. Ha ha, just kidding! I’m actually not here to complain today. Shocker! I know. I am actually here because some crazy people are complaining and attacking the NFL because of the new All Clear Bag Policy which only allows you to bring a 12″ x 12″ x 6″ clear plastic bag and 1 small clutch (that can fit in your hand). Trust me at first I was a little freaked. I bring two small children with me to games and I was very concerned about being able to bring everything we need. This is SO not going to be a problem. Check out my latest vlog to see why I am excited about the new policy and how I am bringing everything I need. I’m also sharing a few tips on making your game day experience with kids a little bit easier. I’ve also included an official video detailing the new policy below.