A Week In My Life – Day 1

I have decided to participate in a link up to journal about a week in our life. When I began blogging it was to use it as a digital scrapbook. I was organizing my office/craft room the other day and I kept finding these travel journals and pregnancy journals and baby books and they were all incomplete! I am HORRIBLE at filling those things out! Luckily I have been pretty good at blogging about our life. I love looking through old posts and remembering what was going on when I was pregnant with Noah and during the first year of his life. In an effort to do this for Bryce too I am going to blog about this week in our life. I hope to include more pictures throughout the rest of the week, but being as Monday and Tuesday kind of snuck up on me, ya’ll are stuck with whatever pictures I happen to take with my iPhone and what I can pry from the depths of my memory. 🙂

Bryce chillin’ in the playroom in his Halloween PJs

Day 1 – October 22, 2012

Today was a little different than most Mondays. Eric has been home since last Friday. That’s right a FOUR day staycation!! Woo Hoo! Turns out he gets a little mid-season break, and it’s well deserved! However, since we just had Bryce we decided not to go anywhere. Unfortunately for Eric staying at home for four days with a toddler and a newborn probably wasn’t the break he was looking for. I can only imagine he was a little happy to head back to work today. 🙂

A View from Bryce’s Perspective

Being the awesome husband that he is, he woke up with Noah and let me sleep in with Bryce. What a darling man. For the most part our day was pretty boring. We all stayed in our PJs for the majority of the morning, mostly hanging out in the playroom. We ate breakfast and did some light housekeeping. After feeding Noah lunch and putting him down for his nap, Eric left to run errands and I took Bryce downstairs. I reorganized the bookshelf in my office and “tried” to organize all of my yarn and projects. It was a disaster and looks somewhat better now. I really just moved most of the mess to the other side of the room. The bookshelf looks better though!!

Technically this photo was taken on Sunday, but the this is the lamp I am painting for the playroom.

I also started working on a project for the playroom. We are lucky enough to have a wonderful sun room that we have turned into a playroom for the boys. We spent the weekend working on painting the half wall with magnetic primer and chalkboard paint. It is going to be really awesome when it’s completed. While the room has an insane amount of natural light, there is no artificial light! Just a fan! Since it has started getting dark early we are in need of a lamp. I decided to take this lamp that we initially bought for our apartment when we got married and paint it! So far it’s looking good. I will save the finished pictures for the playroom post I will eventually share. I got about half of the lamp spraypainted before I ran out. I sent Eric a text with a picture and he picked up some more while he was out. I love modern technology!

The Empty Bottle Of Spray Paint

The rest of the day was pretty normal. Eric and Noah facetimed with his parents. Bryce and I cooked dinner while listening to Pandora and Noah watched McQueen (Cars) in the playroom. After dinner comes bathtime for Noah and then it’s off to bed! Bryce comes back downstairs with us and usually sleeps in his carseat while we watch TV. I always finish off the day with a hot bath and then one last feeding for Bryce and then it’s sweet dreams for me at least until Bryce needs to eat again…..

I hope to have some fancier pictures for Wednesday. I can assure you that Tuesday is a little bit more interesting, but not much more. 😉

See ya’ll tomorrow!