Adventures in Pottytraining

So…..pottytraining, this should be fun……

We agreed a while back that we are not going to really try pottytraining until after Noah’s second birthday. I’m aware that boys sometimes take a little longer and there is really no use trying to do that to ourselves what with little Bryce scheduled to arrive in a few months anyway.

As usual Noah does not like to conform to our plans. He has started showing a pretty serious interest in going pee pee in the potty. Couldn’t care less about poo pooing in the potty, but every time he pees in his diaper he let’s me know and starts mumbling things that sound like potty and pointing towards the bathroom.

So I figured hey, we will let him play around with the idea. I bought a potty seat and put it on the toilet in the guest bathroom and figured that was enough for now. Not so my friend! Since he doesn’t care about going #2 and he sees daddy standup to pee, that was somewhat of a waste of money.

Of course he loves to point at the potty and then at himself, but when we get him on his little bench in front of it he won’t pee. TWICE today he did this, and TWICE today he managed to run away without peeing and both times peed on the floor.

So I decided that the big toilet is just too intimidating and he needs a little potty of his own. Luckily we were just sharing these wonderful experiences with Erics aunt and uncle and they graciously offered us one of the potties that their twins had from potty training. Oh yeah, did I mention they have twin girls??? So, Noah is going to get to use a Pink Princess Potty!!!! Oh man is he going to hate me for this one day. But don’t worry if Noah prefers the little potty we are going to get him his own super manly little boy potty. 🙂

Oh yeah, if this isn’t awesome enough it plays “royal” music whenever he successfully uses the potty!!

Well I guess since Noah is taking this whole potty training thing seriously then I will have to as well. Off to buy some books so I know what the hell I’m doing! And of course of few cute ones for him.


Does anyone have some great potty training stories and/or tips to share??


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