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One of my favorite holidays is Halloween! I love dressing up and decorating, which are two of the most fun parts of Halloween. Unfortunately, since I have an overactive imagination the spooky side of this holiday freaks me out! All the ghost shows totally appeal to my inquisitive nature, I love mysteries, but once the lights go out my imagination goes into overdrive! Ever creak and bump I hear makes me want to bury my head under the covers!

I was taking a few precious minutes during naptime the other day to jump on and see what new records had been added when I ran across this awesome contest!

How cool is this?! has been hosting a contest based around their death record collection, the Death Record Challenge. Each day they have issued a challenge question. Here is today’s challenge:

Buried Alive

It’s the 6th of February, 1925 and there’s a drama unfolding on the pages of the Charleston Daily Mail. William Floyd Collins is trapped in Sand Cave, near Cave City, Kentucky. He’s been there since January 30th.

The country has been riveted by the daily reports on the story–and today is an especially poignant time in the continuing saga. This was supposed to be William’s wedding day. But instead, his betrothed, Alma Clark, waits at the mouth of the cave for news of his rescue.

How does this story end?

  1. He dies from exposure on the 17th of February.
  2. He is rescued on the 7th of February and married that afternoon.
  3. He dies exactly one year later in a car accident.
  4. He is rescued on the 10th of February, but his fiancée refuses to marry him.

By searching their real records you can find the answer to these questions. Answer a challenge to be entered in their grand prize drawing on November 2nd. If you get the answer correct you are also entered to win that day’s challenge prize. Today’s challenge prize is a $100 gift certificate. Each challenge you answer is an entry in their grand prize drawing. They will be giving away 7 prizes and their grand prize is an iPad!

Bravo to for coming up with such a creative and fun way to incorporate geneaological research with the spookiness of Halloween! And thank you for doing something that doesn’t keep me up at night! 🙂

Unfortunately I just found this and there is only one day left! But you can still do a challenge to get entered for the grand prize drawing. And really I think it would just be fun! It’s also a great introduction to and genealogical research.

Hope you have a fun and safe Halloween! I will be taking Batman (Noah) and Superman (Bryce) trick or treating with Spiderman (my nephew Thomas). I promise to share pictures soon. 🙂

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