Another Christmas Fail

You want to know why I am THE (pronounced theeeeeeeee) UnCoordinated Mommy?? Because I have this large stack of beautiful holiday cards from Tiny Prints sitting in my car. Yep today is January 5th and they have still not been mailed out!!

And if that’s not enough to convince you…. Right next to it is a stack of Bryce’s birth announcements!! He turns 4 months next week!!

Now the 3 month old should excuse this right?? I mean come on, no one likes going to the post office without kids, let alone with an infant and a toddler!

I should probably include a little handwritten note with the Christmas card that says,” I have a 3 month old, don’t judge. Happy Valentines Day!”

Hope you had a better organized holiday than I. At least I was able to make these adorable treats for Noah’s teachers. Even if I did stay up till 4AM doing it the night before. 😉

Reindeer Noses
Reindeer Noses

Here’s to a great year filled with lots of COMPLETED projects!