Because It’s Easy To Forget About YOU

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Just the other day I was standing in my kitchen with Bryce hanging on my back screaming for the Legos he had spotted on the china cabinet next to me. I had my phone to my ear listening to the insurance adjuster and trying to relay the information to the plumber standing in front of me. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, the smell of my mildewy kitchen burning my nostrils.

It’s BECAUSE of these moments that I need to take time for myself.  While the boys sleep through the night now, sometimes, and are able to do more things for themselves, the majority of my time is still consumed with worrying about them and a million of other things like my moldy kitchen. 

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Most days the weight of the world rests upon our shoulders and it helps that Massage Envy is there to rub away that tension and give us a moment to reflect. Just those 50 minutes can be everything we need to keep moving. I used to take that time for myself, right up until Noah was born.

I loved being pregnant, except when I hated it. I could go on and on but the physical pain and exhaustion was my least favorite part of being pregnant. It’s BECAUSE of this that I chose to get a massage membership with Massage Envy during my first pregnancy. It was the best decision I ever made and I suffered with Bryce’s pregnancy when I didn’t make the same time for me.

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Pregnancy is so rough on your body and a therapeutic massage can do wonders to help you feel better and keep moving which is essential to pregnancy health. Each month I was able to take a moment for myself and have my aching muscles rubbed. Massage Envy 

During those nine ten months, your body places your baby’s needs first. All you get are the leftovers. That means you only get small amounts of the energy and nutrients not being used by your uterus. It is so important to keep our lives balanced and take a moment to manage everything that’s happening. We need to allow ourselves to take the time to unwind, relax, and process all the changes in our lives and bodies when getting ready to welcome a new member to the family.

How do you help find the balance in your life? Isn’t it so easy to be consumed by your kids and to-do list!?!