Being a Mom Can Be So Gross

This is short and gross. Those easily grossed out by poop need not read on.


If you have a child that has ever had a diaper rash you will understand what I’m saying here. Noah has had his fare share of poop problems and these problems cause him to have a pretty regular diaper rash. It has gotten bad at times, but nothing a little diaper rash creme can’t fix in a jiffy. Which leads me to my point. I have noticed that I consciously avoid using my index finger on my right hand. Yep! That’s the poop finger. No matter how many times I wash my hands and scrub my finger and use gallons of Purell it still feels gross and I try not to use it. I am not a germophobe and/or OCD, but man it’s just nasty!

That’s all I have to say on that. I’m not sorry if I grossed you out 😉 I warned you! And if I know you in person and see you in the future please don’t cringe if we shake hands. I promise, due to the aforementioned problem, my hand is cleaner than yours!!