Bryce – 1 Month

I want to start giving monthly updates on Bryce. Kind of like a digital baby book. I still haven’t made one for Noah, even though I have all the stuff to!!! I’m guessing it will be awhile before I get to one for Bryce too. So here is what Bryce is up to at 1 month.

What a little chunky monkey he is! Our first month has gone pretty well. He was jaundice for the first few weeks so he pretty much slept 24/7. Even now that he is more awake he is still an angel. He is almost completely on a schedule. I’m just not waking him up at exactly the same time each day yet, so it changes every day. But he is solidly following a eat, play, sleep routine. He takes about 30 minutes to eat, then he’s awake for about 30-45 minutes, and then naps for about 1-2 hours. Rinse and repeat. 🙂

He was going generally 3-4 hours between feedings at night, but for a couple of nights he has made it 5 and 6 hours. Woo Hoo!! Hoping we see more of those!

Developmentally he’s starting to notice his fist when he swings it in front of him. He has started smiling and I swear I can see the slightest hint of a dimple. :0) And he’s already doing the warrior pose reflex thing. I’m such a proud mama!

Overall we are doing good. It has definitely been an adjustment figuring out how to take care of both kids at once, but we are handling it!