It’s Days Like These……


It’s days like these that force me to own my blog name, The UnCoordinated Mommy.

Sometimes I am so with it! I get comments like, “Ugh, I hate you, you made Easter shaped fruit for your 2 year old’s class party! Or, you hand sculpted tiny zoo animals for your 1 year olds birthday cake?! Seriously?”

And then there are days like today when I drop my 3 year old off at school with no shoes.

*shaking my head*

He wasn’t even wearing socks! And to top it off I had to head straight to a meeting so there was no way I could get him something to wear! If the teachers hadn’t been so reassuring at drop off that it would be OK I probably would have cancelled my meeting.

I don’t know what makes it worse, that we had a PERFECT morning with ZERO crying or tantrums and both boys were dressed in adorable outfits (minus shoes for Noah) or that when asked by his Daddy if he had a good day at school today Noah replied with the saddest face I think I’ve ever seen, “No i didn’t (poking out his bottom lip and staring at the ground) Mommy forgot my shoes.”

Like a knife through my heart.

Even with my struggles with postpartum depression and a million other things I am sure I have done wrong, today is the first day I have really felt like a total mom fail!

All because I forgot his shoes.

What can you do? I’m just going to kick up my bare feet, drink a beer and file this away as another milestone.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever forgotten? Any one forgotten their kid somewhere, like Home Alone? I swear if I keep forgetting things I’m going to put a permanent post it note on my steering wheel that says “Count Your Kids!”