Why I Fell In Love With The Mazda CX-5

Mazda CX-5

I thought when I was going to test drive the Mazda CX-5 that it would be another instance where I could review a car that might work for other people’s family but would definitely be too small for me. I have had a SUV with a third row seat for about 8 years now. This means two things, I am really used to having a large vehicle and I am seriously in need of a new car, it just had it’s 10 year birthday and will be hitting 200k miles any day now. Driving the Mazda CX-5 really opened my eyes!! I could really get used to it! It was VERY comfortable, the kids car seats fit easily, and the gas mileage was AMAZING!! Not to mention the other wonderful features like being able to connect my phone using the built in Bluetooth and listen to pod-casts, music, and make and receive phone calls. The microphone is very well placed too so I had no problem with people hearing me, now if only I could mute my children!Mazda CX-5

We were able to take the CX-5 on a little road trip to Tallahassee for my cousins baby shower. The trunk space is considerable and we were able to fit everything we needed, but it was just me and the boys and we packed it pretty full. If Eric had come we might have had a problem fitting everything. Granted I do pack everything but the kitchen sink. 😉

My favorite feature of the CX-5 was the handling and gas mileage (35 MPG). To be able to drive an SUV but feel like I was in a car and get the gas mileage of a car was awesome. The CX-5 has SkyActiv technology which in lay mans terms means it still drives great AND gets good gas mileage. Mazda has designed every component of the vehicle to be lightweight and as highly efficient as possible. This means they can offer a compact SUV with great gas mileage without also hiking up the price.

Mazda CX-5Below are a few VERY short (less than 2 minutes) videos that highlight some of the awesome features of the Mazda CX-5. Starting at around $21,000 the Mazda CX-5 is a wonderful car that is definitely making me seriously consider it for my next vehicle purchase.