How To Be A Flower Snob On a Budget

The Bouqs Review

I have a problem. I am a flower snob.

I can’t help it, I blame all those wedding magazines and websites that we start reading LONG before we ever actually have a prospective groom. Those classic bouquets are crammed full of elegant expensive blossoms without any shabby filler flowers to be found. Those perfectly, and professionally, arranged masterpieces unrealistically raise our standards of blossom beauty. Those are the flowers we expect our poor unsuspecting future spouses to surprise us with on a random Tuesday. Until you then realize that those flowers cost a freaking fortune!

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The BouqsRecently I found a company, The Bouqs, that offers amazing, elegant fresh flowers. They are the freshest of the fresh. The budding beauties are shipped directly from the farm to your door. The flowers you receive are cut approximately 2-4 days before you receive them. Other delivery services store flowers for up to two weeks!

Eric has spent the last 5 years trying to figure out what type of flowers I want. Poor guy. It’s not his fault, like I said I’m very picky when it comes to flowers. I know how much flowers “should” cost and it bugs me to see what some sites charge for a vase full of sub par blooms. And the sheer volume of options can be so overwhelming.

I love that The Bouqs have already curated their collection and offer a reasonable number of gorgeous flowers. They offer roses, lilies, ranunculous, and even freesia!! Seriously! These bouqs are AMAZING!! This takes all the guess work out! I have already shown it to Eric and he knows that no matter what he chooses, he will be getting the most for his money and making his wife very happy.

The BouqsAnother bonus is that they offer a subscription service (optional). You can order multiple bouqs at once and schedule their deliveries while saving up to 25%. Meaning, you can order flowers for birthdays, mother’s day, anniversaries all at one time. Save money and never pay expedited shipping again. Actually never pay any shipping again. All bouqs are shipped free!

Oh and my favorite part about The Bouqs? All of their bouqs are $40! Flat rate! And for an extra $10 you can double the number of flowers. I was offered a basic bouq to review and I gladly shelled out the extra $10 to receive an extra dozen roses. This gave me the flexibility of having a luscious bouquet of roses or split it up into multiple arrangements.

IMG_9706I seriously could go on and on. But I won’t.  Go check out all these great reviews The Bouqs have received and see for yourself how awesome they are.