Holiday Food Styling Tips with Cook’s Warehouse

Do you want to make your food look fabulous for the holidays? Here are a few fantastic food styling tips I learned from a class at Cook’s Warehouse! 

Holiday Food Styling Tips

Food Styling Tips for the Holidays

Recently I was able to attend a Food Styling for the Holidays cooking class at Cook’s Warehouse at Merchants Walk in East Cobb. It was so much fun!! If you have a Cook’s Warehouse near you I highly recommend taking a class. Eric and I will definitely be signing up for one in January for a date night. This was a hands-on course which I love. We split into small groups of four and each made one or two recipes provided by our instructor, Chef Nancy Waldeck. Each group was also provided an assistant who knew the recipes as well as where everything was in the kitchen.

Cooks Warehouse Holiday Food Styling Class

Below are three easy but awesome food styling tips I learned that I wanted to share with you!

1) Think outside the box when choosing your platters.

Cooks Warehouse Holiday Food Styling Tips

This means using food platters for something other than what it’s intended for as well as using other items as makeshift food platters. Just remember to line with parchment paper to make it food safe.

2) Add Height!

Cooks Warehouse Holiday Food Styling Tips

Remember to add height to your arrangements. You can use footed serving pieces or simply invert a bowl or dish and stack! You can use this Serve It Up stand to securely elevate any plate or platter! If you are plating the food you can try stacking or propping food to add interest.

3) Color

If your foods are of a similar color palette try adding a pop of color. For instance, our apples and goat cheese above were beautiful but the strawberry in the center of the plate added a little extra something. Make sure the foods compliment each other though, strawberries and apples work but for instance tomatoes and apples do not! LOL.

We made and styled some amazing recipes that night. Here is a sampling of it all on my plate and I will admit I totally went back for seconds! It was delicious!! I was feeling so inspired I even added a little dribble of sauce to round out the presentation. I think I may be watching a little too much Food Network!!

Holiday Food Styling Tips