Getting Ready for Kindergarten – Sight Words Fishing Game

Getting Ready for Kindergarten A Sight Words Fishing Game

It’s almost here! Next week Noah starts Kindergarten!! I can’t believe it. I’m excited. I’m nervous.

So. Many. Mixed. Emotions.

We were supposed to work on some things over the summer and well, that didn’t happen. So here we are a week away and it’s time to get serious. I made some color word flashcards for Noah so he can start to learn to recognize the word itself. We keep them on his night stand and practice them before bedtime. He can also use them by himself. I’m not getting my hopes up, but at least it’s possible!



I can’t believe Noah starts Kindergarten next week!! 😱Working on recognizing color words with these home made flash cards.

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I knew we were supposed to be working on other sight words as well so I did a quick google search for sight word worksheets and stumbled upon My Teaching Station, which is a great resource for teachers, homeschoolers, and parents. And best of all it’s free! You do have to set up an account though. I grabbed a couple of worksheets for Noah and some preschool ones for Bryce too.



That’s when I found this adorable “Engaging Sight Word Fishing Game”. It was so cute and simple! If you check out the post they have with instructions (link below) it includes an ocean box, but I figured it would be one less step and laying the fish out on the table would work just as well. We also have a few games that already had fishing poles with magnets so we were able to skip that step as well!


I printed out all the sight words and a ton of fish and got to cutting and glueing. It was very simple. This is the perfect thing to do while watching TV. Especially shows like The Walking Dead or our new favorite Stranger Things on Netflix. I get to stare at cute fish while listening to the gory/scary stuff happening! LOL


The boys love it. They get to catch the fish and I then I tell them what word is in it.


I’m hoping as the school year goes Noah will be able to start guessing the words on his own. For now it’s a fun game we can play together and he is at least seeing and hearing the words.


You can download the  instructions for the game and the printables at My Teaching Station.

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What are your favorite educational games to play? We also love UNO for learning numbers and colors!