Halloween Craft – Franken Family Mason Jar Printable

Want an easy Halloween craft? Try this Mason jar Franken family for a cute decoration that's simple to make!


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and now as the boys are getting older it is becoming so much more fun!! I love putting up decorations and seeing the smiles on their faces. They love this stuff as much as I do! I also love things that are super easy to make and will last for years! That’s exactly what today’s Halloween craft tutorial is all about. This Franken Family of mason jars is stupid simple and it will last forever!

All you need is:

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This is so simple I’m not going to bother with step by step instructions. Paint the jars, wrap the jars, and stick on the faces. You’ve totally got this. I will give you tips though!

  • I bought this Small Band-Aid rolled gauze. First I cut the strip in half length wise and then I stretched it. It makes it curl in a looks better when wrapping.
  • Play around with gluing the faces on first and then wrapping. It helps to tuck edges inside the gauze, but it also looks cute if you wrap it first and then glue on the face.
  • There is no need to glue the gauze in place. The acrylic glue has a texture when it dries and the gauze will hold itself in place and the gauze I used has a Kling design which helps it stick to itself and stay in place.
  • For storing I would probably unwrap everything and stick the pieces inside the jar. Then you can just stick it back on again next year and it won’t get creased or torn.

Here’s the printable! This is one Halloween craft you won’t be able to resist making!

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