Hands Free Pumping / Nursing Bra Review and Giveaway

This is hands down, pun intended, the best nursing bra I have ever worn. Definitely the most functional and it is so comfortable!!

BeliBea Nursing Bra

Breast pumps are a necessary evil. When Noah was born I had managed to finagle my full time job into a full time work from home job. That was probably one of my worst ideas ever. I had a nanny come 20 hours a week, but I had to manage working 20 hours on my own. I got no sleep had to go into the office at random times for meetings and sometimes would have to lug my pump along and either sit in the car or in my office pumping just so I wouldn’t explode during the meeting. All of this irregular feeding and pumping and stress led to clogged ducts and a VERY stressful breastfeeding scenario.

The hardest part was waiting for the pump to do its job! My pump was not hands free so I had figured out a way to hold both bottles with one hand/arm. It was so uncomfortable, but at least I could play with my phone or peck out keys on my computer and get some work done. This only lasted for a while and then I got one of those bustiers that holds the bottles for you while you pump. I now was officially a cow. But that thing was ridiculous. Often times I had to undo my bra completely and hike it and my shirt way up under my chin. Considering I did a LOT of pumping in my car it was less than fun.

Well, as usual now that I am done having my babies someone has come out with the perfect product for pumping mamas! Nourish by BeliBea is a nursing bra that has an extra layer to hold your bottles while you pump!! It’s freaking amazing. The inside panel fits to and holds a breast shield in place for hands-free convenience while pumping, or both panels can be lowered to easily breastfeed. 

Nourish sent me a bra to try out. I’m not nursing or pumping anymore, but I was able to wear it for a few days and see how supportive and comfortable it was. It doesn’t have an underwire, of course, to prevent clogged duct and supply issues, but still provides an amazing amount of support. It also has a v-neck instead of scoop to helt prevent the sportsbraesque uni-boob! The material is soft and stretchy to accommodate super boobs when your milk comes in or you wait too long between feedings/pumpings. 🙂 It also includes removable pads between the cup panels for extra comfort, support, and shape. I kept them in, but probably would have removed them if I had needed to wear nursing pads. The longer I nursed Bryce the less I needed nursing pads and these removable pads would have been perfect for small leaks.

If you are planning on breastfeeding and will also have occasions to pump, then you really want to give this a try. I did not work when Bryce was born, but still found it necessary to pump often when we would have a date night or other plans that prevented me from nursing and this bra would have been very useful.

Now here’s the really great news!! BeliBea is going to give one of you lucky readers a brand new Nourish Bra and I am going to donate the bra I tested out to working mama in my area! Seriously, you guys are going to love this bra!! 

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