Help Continue to Fight Alex’s Fight & Join A Coffee Mug Gift Exchange

Our son, Alex, was diagnosed with leukemia (AML-M7) in July of 2008, when he was 2. We spent 14 months at St Jude where he would undergo countless rounds of chemotherapy, 4 total-body radiation treatments, a bone marrow transplant, and a stem cell transplant – all with the hopes that they could get rid of the leukemia in his body entirely. Unfortunately, even though he received the best care possible, we lost our warrior on September 11, 2009, at the age of 3. During the 14 months we were at St Jude, they took care of us all – as a family. We were housed in a two bedroom apartment, given meal cards and grocery store vouchers, and even had a private parent room attached to Alex’s room in the hospital so that we never had to leave his side. All of this was in addition to the state-of-the-art treatments he was receiving. Never, at any time, was any sort of payment required from us. They took what our insurance would pay, and wrote the rest off. No other hospital does that, anywhere! We are so thankful for St Jude and what they did for our son. That is why we, as Alex’s Warriors, have made it our mission to raise as much money for St Jude that we can in our lifetime. It takes approximately $1.9 million A DAY to run the hospital. That’s just for ONE DAY. And we were there 14 months.
Thank you for helping us to “Continue the Fight” that Alex so bravely fought – so that maybe fewer parents will have to say goodbye to their babies. God Bless!

Jennnifer Denton

Hey Guys! Today I wanted to pass along some information. I have just joined a mug swap that my sister has been a part of. The ladies who run this actually hold other swaps too, like last easter they held a cross swap! I am now a part of their Facebook group and the pictures of cross bracelets and necklaces etc that were sent were adorable! Each swap they choose a charitable cause and this swap it is for St. Jude and in memory of this sweet little boy named Alex. It was reading his mother’s letter above that prompted me to share this with you.


The swap is pretty simple, just send your $5 donation via Paypal and Becca will add you to the Facebook group and match you up with another swapper.

The only catch is it has be done today!! o_O

I know, trust me, I just found out about it, but generally with things like this if you don’t do it the moment you read this, you probably won’t do it at all. So go on over and donate right now 🙂 So, anyways, Becca will reach out to you and assign you a swap mate. You just grab a cute fun coffee mug for $5 and under and mail it to your swapper and you will get one on return. Fun, right!?

Then every time you take a sip from that lovely mug you can remember that time you took a few extra moments out of your day to help fight childhood cancer and maybe say an extra prayer for all those families who’s lives are affected.

If you have any questions or need additional info please comment below and I will respond immediately! Also, you can send me an email by clicking the email icon on sidebar. Or you can also email Becca or Katherine, the swap co-hosts at

Thanks guys!!!!


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