Homeschooling on the Go

Homeschool_On The Go

Since school has started back, most weeks we are crazy busy. If you are new here can read more about our decision to homeschool one of the boys and send the other to preschool.

I know this is mostly because I allow myself to be busy. But honestly, I try my hardest to say No and still manage to end up booked solid most weeks.

Bryce goes to preschool two days a week and I fill that time with errands and fun things to do with Noah.  I wish we could go to the library or back home and focus on homeschooling on those days but I also want to capitalize on those moments without the crazy toddler.

 Firestation Tour

On Monday we joined our local MOMS club for a trip to the fire station! Noah had a blast and asked about a million questions! We received an activity book and I had purchased and downloaded this PDF full of literacy and math activities with a Fire Safety Theme from Teachers Pay Teachers, my new favorite homeschooling resource.

After completing some of the activities I decided Noah needed to get up and moving so we headed into the living room to practice our stop-drop-and roll maneuver, where upon I rolled into the entertainment center and hurt my arm! Who knew homeschooling could be hazardous!

However, I am not always able to focus completely on Noah during this time. For instance, yesterday I needed to run to the mall and find some accessories for my Disney bounding outfit for the Disney Parks reception this weekend at the Type-A parent conference. Its errands like this that make me feel like a homeschool teacher slacker, but it had to be done. 😉

After we were done at the mall we headed back to the church/school to pick up Bryce but we had about 40 minutes to kill. I am very lucky that our church has a nature trail that winds itself around the property through the woods. We decided to take a little hike and incorporate some learning! We stopped on a little bridge and re-enacted a scene from one of Noah’s favorite books The Billy Goats Gruff. He obviously enjoyed this and I had fun too!

At the end of our walk we took a rest on the front steps of the church and I noticed Noah eyeing a huge oak tree in front of us. I explained that the tree was so big because it was really old. I asked him if he thought he could push it over and of course he ran over and gave it all he had. I then explained that it was so strong because it had roots. I grabbed my iPhone and pulled up the picture below to help him understand better.

Tree Roots - Homeschool

After looking at the image he went over to the ground to inspect around the tree. Here he found a bunch of acorns and that prompted a lesson about how new trees are planted and grow.

It turns out that what I thought was going to be a homeschooling failure of a day turned out to be pretty awesome! We just had to do it on the fly! And later while Bryce napped I grabbed some handwriting and number worksheets for Noah to work on while I cleaned the kitchen.

This is only week 4 of homeschooling but I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of it! I need to pull together a weekly checklist of things I want to accomplish though. Since we aren’t going to follow a strict schedule I need to make sure we are covering everything we need to be to keep him on track. Anybody seen something like this? Please post links below!