Homeschooling Is Great, But Not For Us

So, I’m not sure that this homeschooling thing is really going to work. I of course started off with crazy high expectations but I feel that I have managed them reasonably well at this point. We spend a lot of our day looking for ways to incorporate it into our everyday lives.

 Homeschool_Not For Us

Unfortunately, our life can be so very crazy and when I finally have the time to sit down and work on something like writing/learning letters and numbers he doesn’t want to do it. I am still happy we made the decision to take a year off from school though. While it may have been mostly a monetary decision I definitely feel like it has been exactly what Noah and I needed this year. 

All the craziness we experienced over the last couple of years put quite a strain on our relationship and this has given us a lot of quality time to spend together. We spend most days while Bryce is at school going to the park, or someplace fun like Legoland or the College Football Hall of Fame.  It has been a somewhat stressful experience not having much time to myself to focus on my work, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

My only homeschool goal for now is to help Noah learn his ABC’s and Numbers and work on writing. We have started a journal, a suggestion from Teaching 2 and 3 year olds which is a blog that i LOVE, and love trying out fun things we find on Pinterest.

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