How To Avoid A Boring Breastfeeding Diet

Avoid a Boring Breastfeeding DietFor the past 6 months I have been going back and forth trying to figure out what foods are bothering Bryce. I was ordering my decaf or half-caf lattes’ from Starbucks and wondering why he was still getting so fussy. Duh, the milk! I cut out my morning glass of orange juice because I remembered that had really bothered Noah. But now that we are starting solid foods I am just done with constantly trying to figure out what will bothering Bryce. I have had it with trying to follow a boring breastfeeding diet. Solid Foods

And then recently I had an epiphany!! I remembered what I had done with Noah. Our amazing pediatrician we had in Jacksonville, miss them so much, suggested a pro-biotic for both me and the Noah and for me to take a digestive enzyme with my meals. I am not one for taking pills, but if this meant I could pretty  much eat what I wanted to then sign me up!! And it worked!

So off I went to Whole Foods and picked up some pro-biotics. I prefer to get live culture pro-biotics, meaning refrigerated, so I get them local. This has helped some, but I think the digestive enzymes are what really makes the difference. I have found it’s cheapest to order the digestive enzymes online, but I’m sure whole foods or a local health store has them.

So if your breastfeeding diet, or lack thereof, is bothering your baby go get yourself some pro-biotics and digestive enzymes!

And an added bonus! The enzymes can actually help shed a few pounds and they both make you feel better and can promote a healthy immune system. Now that is a win – win – win!