How to clear a baby’s stuffed nose

This is a really simple way to clear your newborns stuffed nose. Unfortunately Noah would never in a million years sit still long enough for me to video or take pictures, so I will just have to explain it really well. šŸ™‚

Step 1:

As always have everything you need at hand.

  • Pillow
  • Saline Spray
  • Bulb (or Snot Sucker as I like to call it)

Step 2:

First lay your baby on the pillow longwise, so that there whole body is on the pillow.

Step 3:

Play 2 or 3 drops of saline in each nostril. Don’t worry half of it will probably run down their face just make sure to get some in there.

Step 4:

Lift the pillow near your babies feet so that his feet are lifted aboveĀ his head.

Step 5:

Make sure to have the bulb on hand. Once youĀ their feet the saline will run up and cause your baby to sneeze. As soon as this happens you depress the end of the bulb and without releasing put the tip of the bulb into the nostril and slowly release. This will suck the mucous out. You will probably have to do this a couple of times in each nostril.

**Warning: Your baby will probably be screaming bloody murder at this point. Try not to feel too bad, this will make them feel better in the long run.**

***Tip*** When you squeeze the saline bottleĀ make sure that you don’t release the bottle while the tip is in your babies nose. This can cause mucous to be sucked into the saline bottle and contaminate it.

Hope this helps!!