How To Wear A DIY Ring Sling – A Video Tutorial

I am in love with these ring slings. I used some great ring sling tutorials I found on Pinterest to help me make my first sling. Since then I have tweaked my process and you can find my diy ring sling tutorial here!

This sling is awesome for helping support the weight of your (not so little) little one! And if you have two kids it is essential!! I love my ergo baby, but when I am just running into a store this is so quick and easy to put on and take off. It’s so easy I even use it when going up and down the stairs in my own home. Actually, that is exactly why I made my first one. I am kind of addicted now. 🙂 I have four!! My most recent is made from swimsuit fabric so I can wear it in the pool and at the beach this summer!!

There are a few tricks to threading the sling and wearing your child so I have created this video to help ya’ll out! This is my first video and I have hated watching, because come on now, who likes to watch themselves on video. Not me that’s for sure! Regardless, I hope you find it helpful!!


Since recording this video I have learned a lot about baby wearing! It is quite the art form. The only parts of the video I would like to amend is where the rings should sit when you are wearing your baby. They should lie near your shoulder, right about where your bra strap begins or as a reader suggested, where you would wear a corsage. Also, others have mentioned that if you pull the fabric up high enough and tight enough it is a handsfree sling.  This is true, but Bryce hates having his arms in the sling, I’m sure I fought him on it he would get used to it, but it just isn’t a battle I feel the need to fight. 😉