I Am Definitely A Mom Now: “What’s In Your Bag?” Link Up!

My Bag


Oh my lord, I really feel like a mom now!

Today I am participating in the “What’s In Your Bag?” Link Up! I found out about it from theย  Hormonal-Imbalances blog, she’s awesome by the way, and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to clean out my purse. Go check out what’s in her bag here!

So first off, here is my current bag. I generally only trade out purses about twice a year. I do covet beautiful bags, but I somehow can never bring myself to spend that much money on them. This is my summer bag, it’s in the middle of its second summer and I didn’t realize until today how bad it is looking! I think I spent maybe $30 on this purse. I do remember that I got it at TJ Maxx, I love that place! So I will be heading out ASAP to get a new one. That’s just shameful….

Anyway, what I really love(d) about this bag is all the pockets! This next picture shows what I had in my outside pockets. This is mostly full of receipts and coupons, the pile on the left are expired. So I’m adding checkbook cover to my craft list, that’s slightly embarrassing and yes that is a pantyliner. Obviously that’ s leftover from last summer, but always good to have on hand! ๐Ÿ™‚

Outside Pocket Junk

So, for the really fun part. The main pocket! This wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I literally only threw away a couple of things! What was very apparent though, is the fact that I have a toddler. There is one thing missing, I took the last diaper out this morning. I needed one and didn’t feel like walking upstairs. Normally there are a few diapers in my purse. The books and the car are of course distractions for Noah. The wipes and hand sanitizer are essentials and the headband is because I have curly hair which I like to straighten and most days it gets a little crazy. ๐Ÿ™‚ Nail file, which really needs to be replaced, I think it had teeth marks from Noah. Nice, I know. But they make great teething substitutes! The lip gloss is bare essentials and I love it – Christmas present from my sister. ๐Ÿ™‚ Those are paint swatches for Bryce’s room, I take them everywhere just in case I need to match something, and ironically they match my blogger cards. That’s weird. There are some random reward cards that made their way to the bottom. Finding the Honey Baked Ham card was totally worth writing this post. Noah and I go there for lunch probably once a week and it’s almost full! Aveda Hand Relief….Love it! It has a strong “spa” scent, but it doesn’t bother me. Kind of lemony. That blue thing is my weekly planner book. I unfortunately don’t use it religiously, but it is good to always have it on

All The Junk

hand. That’s an old reminder card for an OB appointment and more expired coupons. More coupons that are still good! And the protective cover I have been meaning to put on my phone and Eric has been bugging me about for months. ๐Ÿ™‚ Only two receipts, which is pretty good. I got annoyed last week with all the random paper in my purse and threw a bunch away last week, normally it would have been much worse! And last but certainly not least, my Coach wristlet. This thing is awesome. My lovely husband got it for me for Christmas the year that Noah was born to keep in the diaper bag. It is awesome when we are running in the store because I can clip my keys to it and slip it on my wrist. This frees up my hands to carry Noah and soon Bryce too! Yikes. That’s all! Really not that bad and I swear I didn’t clean up before hand. You can’t see it, but there is a pile of sand in the bottom of the bag. That comes from throwing in Noah’s shoes every now and then. I’m going to have to stop that….

I am going to stop carrying this bag, because it looks so bad, but I doubt I will go out and buy a new one. I have another old summer style bag that I think can get me through the end of the summer and then Bryce will be here, so it’s back to the diaper bag for me!

Hope ya’ll enjoyed seeing what’s in my bag, you should check out the link up. It’s pretty funny to see what’s in other peoples. It’s like looking through their medicine cabinet!