I need help lugging my kid around…..

So, I’m about to enter the world of baby carriers….. oh the joys. I am trying to find a comfortable, easy to use baby carrier. I currently have a moby wrap and an infantino. Unfortunately I’m not entirely happy with either one. The infantino is alright, but it doesn’t provide great support and my little chubster is getting big! The moby wrap provides great support, but it’s damn near impossible to get on. With some serious concentration I can get that sucker on perfectly when I’m at home. But it ends up dragging all over the floor and it probably looks hysterical. I refuse to do this in public, like in the grocery store parking lot. So I am off to explore reviews of different baby carriers….. I promise to return and report my findings and which one I decide on and how I like it! Wish me luck!!


I leave you with a few demonstration photos and a cute picture of my little munchkin, who is already 3 1/2 months old!!!! 🙂

My Little Chipmunk
The Infantino (He was much smaller then)
The Moby Wrap (He's even smaller)