I Photographed a Wedding and It Wasn’t A Disaster

Yes, folks, that’s right. I actually photographed a wedding. It was a small wedding and it was a family member, otherwise I wouldn’t have just said no, I would have said Hell No! What’s the number one rule for all amateur photographers? NEVER, EVER say yes to photographing a wedding. What did I say when my cousin called me up a month ago and said that he was getting married in three weeks and asked if I would take pictures? Of course! No Problem! I would be happy too……

I did remind him that I was not a professional but told him that I would be happy to take pictures so they had something to remember the day by. I also reminded him that I was going to be 34 weeks pregnant at the wedding (Yikes!) so that could always make things a little more complicated. Luckily for everyone involved Bryce cooperated and I was able to make the trip to North Carolina and take the photos. And guess what? I am so impressed with how they turned out!

I was nervous as hell and terrified that I wasn’t going to get good pictures. I spent the weeks leading up to it scouring Pinterest for good ideas and then about a week before the wedding I got realistic and decided that rather than trying to get artistic poses and fancy angles etc I needed to just focus on good quality images. So of course I went straight to Clickin Moms and started searching through all of the wedding forums. What an amazing resource. I know that I never would have been able to accomplish what I did if not for Clickin Moms. There were great posts (links included below for you members) that told me what focal lengths to uses and aperture settings for the different types of shots I would be taking. The only thing that would have made all of this easier is if I had a little more time. Too little too late I realized that life would have been a whole lot easier if I could have rented a lens for the week. That would have given me the week before to play with it and get used to it and then use it for the weekend too. Unfortunately I didn’t think of this in time and I couldn’t get one, so I had to use my kit lens and my 50mm prime 1.8 lens. With all that being said, I am extremely happy with the photos, but I might not have been quite as exhausted and sore if I had the 70-200 zoom that I would have rented, although I’ve heard its really heave. Another option would have been a 24-70 zoom lens. Oh well! I survived and didn’t go into labor and my cousin and his new wife have some pretty cool pictures to remember there special day by. Basically a win-win.


Clickin Moms Forum Posts

These are the two main posts that helped me the most.
*Hopefully these links work for you members
So You Think You Can Shoot Weddings??
-Before you EVER say yes to a wedding you need to read this. THIS is why I was freaking out so bad. It really expresses why only professionals should shoot weddings, it is VERY serious business. Hence all the CAPS in this description.

Wedding Lens Advice
-This has some great info on lens if you are looking to rent or buy.

PS. The Clickin Moms link is an affiliate link, if you click on it and sign up as a member I am supposed to be compensated in some way. Not sure what that is as it hasn’t happened yet. 😉 Also, I was not compensated for this post nor was it sponsored by Clickin Moms in anyway, I just love them and they totally saved my -you know what- so I feel they deserve the recognition. 🙂