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I don’t know what surprises me more, the things I say to Noah (like don’t lick the toilet) or what he says to me! The other day after a successful potty trip he said, “Look mommy, it looks like a hot dog!” I almost gagged. Luckily most of them are just side splittingly funny and he hasn’t quite entered the embarrassed the crap out of me phase yet. I am so excited to share this latest MotherFunny moment with you courtesy of NickMom!

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Don’t let those angelic little curls fool you!

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He is one GIANT stinker!

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And he’s quite curious too!

The other day Noah, Bryce and I were sitting in the living room after nap time waiting for Daddy to get home. I was nursing Bryce on the couch and Noah was VERY interested. Bryce went through a serious distraction phase around 6 months and ever since then I have had to, or rather it was easier to, feed him in his room alone. Now that he is much older I have been able to occasionally feed him downstairs. I guesss Noah has forgotten how I feed Bryce.

Noah wrinkled his little forehead and leaned forward asking, “He getting food from your belly?” Um, no kid, I know the girls are hanging a little low these days but cut me a break! After all you are partly to blame here. “He’s getting food from my boobies,” I replied. He seemed to accept this but continued to examine Bryce eating his snack. He scrunched up his nose and asked, “He drink juice or milk?” I laughed so hard Bryce had no choice but to stop eating. Now they always tell you that your body makes exactly what your baby needs, but I’m pretty sure mine aren’t that talented.

Visit NickMom for more MotherFunny moments. They have a Kids Say of The Day feature that is hysterical! Here is one of my favorites below.

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