Our Trip to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Our last trip of the summer was a visit to our friends in Indianapolis. It was our furthest trip of the summer and one of our favorites! We kept things pretty chill. The kids played well together.  

2016-07-15 17.59.15


And we drove down to see the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Obviously, they loved the museum. We loved that it was super cheap. Tickets were $10 for Adults 15+, $5 for Kids 6-15 and FREE for Kids 5 and under.

2016-07-16 14.14.30


And i’m not really sure what Bryce is doing here, but he thought this little guy was really cool and insisted I take his picture. LOL

2016-07-16 14.22.00

They also were able to climb in one of the Indy cars! There was so much room we fit all four of them on/in it!

2016-07-16 14.34.02-2

I think they most enjoyed running in the grass in the infield and trying to chase the cars from the Richard Petty Driving Experience.

2016-07-16 13.43.30

It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day! The grassy hill was right next to the parking lot and would have the perfect place for a little picnic while watching the cars! There was no charge to drive into the track, just to get into the Museum.

2016-07-16 13.45.08

We also were able to take a shuttle to the infield for free and see the cars close up! All you had to do was sign a waver. The kids loved it!

2016-07-16 14.54.59

All in all it was a great trip and we had so much fun! If you find yourself near Indianapolis you should definitely check out the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!