Introducing How To Tuesdays!!!

This is just a short post to introduce my newest commitment, How To Tuesdays!!

Every Tuesday, God willing, I will post a “How To” tutorial. This coming Tuesday will be How To Give a Baby a Bath, along with adorable pictures and ten awesome tips!! In the mean time, here is a cute little picture of Noah’s first bath.

By the way, in case you notice something weird with my spelling, I may be missing a few “N’s”. While Noah and his Daddy were skypeing with his grandparents, my little guy managed to rip the “N” key off of the keyboard of the laptop. I have yet to figure out how to get it back on, and I have to really be paying attention to make sure that the “N ‘s” register when I am typing…. oh the joys!!

-Tracy (Can you believe that Noah is 8 months old!!)