It’s Been Too Long….

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post. I was on quite a role for a while there. Well things have been busy! I just had my first baby shower this past weekend and last week I decided it was time to start painting the nursery. I think the painting thing is my first sign of nesting, there was definitely an uncontrolable urge to paint!

The shower was in Tallahassee and thrown by two of my bestest friends in the whole wide world, who ironically both have blogs: Melissa and Kara. Here are just a few pics that I will share the rest I feel make me look HUGE!!!! One of these is even questionable, but I will still allow it.

[flickr album=72157625150734746 num=5 size=Thumbnail]

Also, I wanted to share an adorable gift that we received from our friends Trent and Ellie in Indiana. Everyone, please meet Sophie La Giraffe!! Apparently their daughter Isabelle absolutely loves Sophie, and as you can see below, she is really quite special….

At the age of 3 months, a baby’s eyesight is still limited and he can only make out high contrasts. The Dark and contrasting attention-catching spots all over Sophie the Giraffe’s body provide visual stimulation and she soon becomes a familiar and reassuring object for baby.

Sophie’s the Giraffe squeaker keeps baby amused and stimulates his hearing. To begin with, the funny sound Sophie makes when she is squeezed helps to stimulate baby’s hearing, and then later, helps him to understand the link between cause and effect.

A Sophie the Giraffe is made of 100% natural rubber and food paint, and is completely safe to chew, just like a feeding bottle teat. Her soft texture and numerous chewable parts (ears, horns, legs), make her perfect for soothing baby’s sore gums during teething.

Touch is the first means a baby has of communicating with the outside world. Sophie the Giraffe’s soft feel, like baby’s mother’s skin, stimulates physiological and emotional response that soothe baby and promote healthy growth and well-being..

The singular scent of natural rubber from the Hevea tree makes Sophie the Giraffe very special and easy for your child to identify amid all his other toys.

•Easy to grip:
Sophie the Giraffe’s shape and 18 cm (7 inches) size are perfect for baby’s small hands. She is very light, and her long legs and neck are easy for baby to grip, even from his earliest days.

I’ve definitely got a few fun craft things to share this week too! I’ve been busy!!!  I’ve made a few purses and crocheted a few things to share as well. And I have been decorating the house for Halloween/Fall. I hope to upload those photos at some point this week. We are headed to North Carolina on Friday morning for another baby shower.

We really do have the best family and friends….. I don’t know what we would do without ya’ll!!!!!

-Tracy (31 weeks pregnant!!!!! and Noah is the size of a head of lettuce and currently residing in the right side of my rib cage)