I’ve Been Feeling a Tug Lately

I’ve been feeling this jittery feeling lately. It took me a while to figure out why I was all twitchy, but then it hit me! I’ve missed my blog!


It’s been a quiet year here my friends and I have missed you. Around March I was working on our taxes and when I added up all the money I had earned here it was like a slap in the face. It was a nice little chunk of change, but once I added up all of the hours and hours of work I was wasn’t even making minimum wage!

If that didn’t open my eyes, Eric and I both experienced deaths in our family this year. My Aunt Pam, who was 59, came down with the flu (H1N1) in March and ended up in the ICU on a ventilator for two weeks before she passed. While we were still reeling from that shock, Eric’s Uncle Danny, also in his late 50’s, suffered a fatal heart attack in July.

All of a sudden my fun, creative outlet wasn’t fun anymore. So I stepped away. My focus was needed elsewhere.


I didn’t step away from writing, I’m not sure that’s even possible. I turned my attention to the boys and played with some creative writing stories and did a lot of research on this novel I have been toying with for the last couple of years. One day…….you know.

But mostly I have been exploring my artistic side! I always knew I was crafty, but I thought drawing or painting was WAY out of my wheel house. Then I started to toy with hand lettering and I have fallen in love.


And then I had this wild idea and signed up for an acrylic painting class. For two hours a week I sit in a studio with my headphones and I just listen to music and paint. Best damn therapy around!!


I am no Picasso, but I am having a blast learning different techniques and applying those to my crafty exploits. I have some fantastic things in the works that I can’t wait to share. I’ve also done some serious soul searching about the direction I would like for this space. You should expect for things to get a WHOLE lot more creative and inspirational.

I hope that you join me and you should know that while I am loving getting back into the blogosphere my home away from home is Instagram, so if you aren’t already, you should head on over and follow me! 

Till next time!


P.S. You might not have seen where I freaked out on social media, but I was in Southern Living magazine!!!! Holy Crap ya’ll!! My dream is to one day see my by line in this magazine. Flipping through and seeing my Instagram handle and photo was pretty freaking close!! It took Eric a couple minutes to figure out what in the heck was going on. It just so happened that Noah hurt himself at the EXACT same time I saw my picture and we were both hollering something fierce!



SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!!! I’m in @southernlivingmag !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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