Jaguars Lost :(

Well Monday night football has come and mercifully has gone. We lost. ūüôĀ¬† My dad and step-mother came in to town last night for the game and unfortunately for them, it was not a fun one. 30 -3 , ouch!!

I managed to squeeze my massive belly into a¬†long sleeve white shirt and a jersey which managed to ride up¬†every opportunity it got¬†and show off my¬†stomach, lovely…yes I know.¬†I walked, or¬†maybe waddled is a better term,¬†all the way to the stadium and sat in a semi-uncomfortable seat for 3 hours. During this time Noah decided to kick my ribs repeatedly, one time making me jump so bad that my Dad even noticed! Eric said that even he was mad at the Jaguars.

Eventually we¬†left dejectedly during the fourth quarter, went downstairs to Eric’s office grabbed a few gatorades for the road¬†and walked all the way back to the car only to sit in traffic eyeing my gas light and¬†hoping to make it to a gas station in time. Luckily we made it and¬†we got home and in bed before 2 o’clock and I managed not to go into labor even though at times it felt like I might.

This may very well be my last Jaguars game of the season….. not because they played so poorly, but because I am 32 weeks pregnant and they played so poorly!! I need a little motivation people! I am not going to drag my ever expanding girth to these games if they are going to play like that. Pre-pregnancy Tracy would have made it to every game and supported her sucky team while enjoying a “few” beers. Pregnant Tracy needs a little more incentive…… Come on Jags!¬†Give me a reason!!!!

Oh yeah, and I have been saying it since the first game, but if I do happen to grace the new EverBank stadium with my presence again¬†this season, I will¬†insist on taking a rickshaw ride (the little guys on bikes pulling the carriages)¬†to and from the game. It is just too far for me to walk now…….

Hopefully we will do better next week against Kansas!

Till next time,

Tracy (32 weeks pregnant and still a Jaguars fan…..)