How To Keep The Car Pool Crazies At Bay


We are entering the world of elementary school, and frankly, I’m a little scared. Our tiny little preschool was so wonderful, but Noah is leaving a class size of 8 and moving to a Kindergarten class of 20 and with 6 individual classes.

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I have already been warned that the carpool line is going to be ridiculous so I have decided to plan ahead and have some of my favorite road trip tricks ready.

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This summer we headed to Kroger and grabbed some Ziploc® brand products to help make our trips a little easier. I know they will also help tame the back to school chaos too. Ziploc® brand Containers with One Press Seal® were perfect for holding plastic building bricks.


I purchased the Ziploc® brand Container Variety To Go set and filled the two square containers with building blocks for the boys to play with in the car. They are so tough.


They survived more than a few tosses to the floor and the lids didn’t budge. They can also work as bento containers for lunches too!



I also grabbed a box of the Ziploc® Sandwich and Snack Bag Duo. This is genius! I slid this box in my car and I love having the two size options at hand. The little snack bags are great for storing crayons in their car seat pockets. That way when they get left in the car seats in the hot Georgia sun I can just grab the bag and throw them away instead of peeling wax out of the seat pockets! Trust me, I speak from experience.

These bags and boxes are great for everything from crayons to crackers! The Easy Open Tabs® makes it easy for little fingers to grip and is easy to open. The more they can do on their own the easier my life is!


When we flew to Baltimore we tossed the containers of building bricks and baggies of crayons in their backpacks. I have a sneaking suspicion that after I sit in the carpool line for a week or two, Noah might begin to the take the bus. I’m sure these baggies of Lego Bricks and crayons will find their way into his backpack to help bust some bus boredom!


How do you use Ziploc® brand products to make your life easier? I would love to hear some of your tricks and tips!


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