A Great Last Minute Gift Idea for Your Little Sports Fan

If you have a sports fan then I have got the perfect gift idea for you! It’s no secret that we are a pretty serious football family. The boys have no less than 10 college football teams to choose from each Saturday and while there should only be one choice on Sundays, Noah always manages to chose at least 3 or 4 Pro teams to root for on Sundays, much to Eic’s chagrin.

This past summer Eric stumbled across these Football Guys from Kaskey Kids.


As soon as the mailman dropped them off Noah was obsessed! He kept telling everyone about the fun toy the mailman brought him. Sorry Daddy but the mailman got all the credit! LOL

Football Guys - Sports Toy


He literally took them everywhere!

Football Guys - Sports Toy

It wasn’t long before Bryce was obsessed too and driving Noah crazy trying  to play with his football guys. 

 Football Guys - Sports ToySo Daddy ordered another set.

So Daddy ordered another set.

Turns out the Red guys were the coolest and a full on war ensued over who’s football guys were whose.

Football Guys - Sports Toy

If they didn’t keep Noah entertained for hours they might have all ended up at Goodwill, but these are seriously the coolest toys ever.They are quiet toys. And Noah gets so creative with how he plays with them. What more can a mama ask for??

Football Guys - Sports Toy


The boys have finally come to a truce. Noah has learned that the best time to play with them is when Bryce is napping.

Football Guys - Sports Toy

Or he locks himself in the laundry room so Bryce can’t knock over his guys.

 Poor Bryce.

Football Guys - Sports Toy

Our latest moment of brilliance was turning the chalkboard table into a football field! So much fun! This is my favorite as I can sit at my desk and write and Noah can play with his football guys right next to me and show me plays without me having to get up! Awesome!

 Football Guys - sports toy

If you are still looking for a great gift idea for your little one definitely go check out the Football guys. Don’t forget that with Amazon Prime you can get two day free shipping on most of these items. And they also have Soccer Guys, Hockey Guys, and Basketball Guys, and Soccer Girls! They do have a few Collegiate teams, listed below, and some NHL teams, but mostly generic colors. Noah loves this because Bryce’s Red Football guys take turns being Falcons, Redskins, and even Florida State guys.


College Football Guys

  • Ohio State Football Guys
  • Michigan Football Guys
  • Tennessee Football Guys
  • Georgia Football Guys
  • Florida Football Guys
  • Texas Football Guys
  • Alabama Football Guys
  • Nebraska Football Guys
  • Iowa Football Guys
  • Texas AM Football Guys
  • Mini-Pack Michigan Football Guys
  • Kansas State Football Guys
  • Oklahoma Football Guys


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