Have Fun Pottytraining with Let’s Potty #Giveaway

Did you know that potty training can be fun?

Ok, so maybe cleaning poop out of your kids clothes and scrubbing your carpet for the fifty millionth time isn’t so much fun. BUT you can have fun with your kid while they are learning to use the potty.

One of the best tips for potty training is to constantly surround your child with things that remind them about going to the potty. That means books, stickers, charts, movies, and games! We recently received the board game Let’s Potty to review and we love it!

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Seriously, every time we sit down to play Noah will run to use the potty at least once.

The quality of the game is great too. It’s very durable and I have no doubt that it will still be in great shape when Bryce begins potty training. The bright colors and fun illustrations will make your little one giggle.

Lets Potty - Pottytraining Board Game

This was Noah’s favorite card. He is obsessed with the word poop and will replace the words in most songs with it, so for him to be able to sit down and play a game that had poop written all over it was pretty awesome, or “cool” as he put it. 🙂

Let's Potty - The Pottytraining Board Game

The object of the game is to follow the toilet paper trail through the house to the potty. With Rolly the toilet paper as your guide your child will learn the basic concepts of potty training and hygiene.

Here’s where the real fun begins!! One of you can win a game of your own!!

All you have to do is enter using the Rafflecopter form below!

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