Mickey Mouse Wreath Tutorial

If you’re making a Mickey Mouse birthday party for your child, this Mickey Mouse wreath is the perfect decoration!

Hey, everyone! We did it! We survived Noah’s first birthday party. 🙂 I swear it really came down to the last minute. Between me being sick and Noah teething things didn’t go as smoothly as I would like, but in the end, it was a perfect 1st birthday party for my perfect little boy.

So now in the wake of all that craziness, I finally have had a chance to sit down and give you that tutorial I’ve been promising.


Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Wreath Tutorial



To begin I would like to show you my inspiration and the link to its tutorial from Floating World. So pretty! I might recycle the Mickey wreath for Christmas!


Styrofoam Wreath
-To wrap wreath
-To hang wreath
Red, White, Black and Yellow Paper
Mickey Mouse Hole Punch (I found mine at Joann’s)
250 Glass Head Pins
Mickey Mouse

Step 1:
First, you need to cover the wreath with ribbon. As I was pulling out my Christmas decorations I found a spool of old red velvet ribbon that I bought a couple of years ago. Even though it was velvet and a slightly darker red it worked great and saved me some money. Use one of your pins to secure the ribbon to the back of the wreath and start wrapping like a bandage. This was a somewhat tedious process and kind of annoying as the ribbon kept getting tangled, but it didn’t take too long.

Step 2:
Once you have cut out all of your Mickey heads, you can start pinning them to the wreath. I chose to center the pin in the middle of Mickey’s head. Try to vary the colors so that you have a good variety. Also, the spacing is up to you, but I found that letting the ribbon show through underneath a little didn’t look bad and made the process go a little quicker.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Wreath Tutorial

Step 3:
Once you have covered the wreath with the Mickey heads you need to attach the ribbon to hang the wreath. I used a pretty simple method that worked for me. Just tie the ribbon in a bow, make sure you knot it first so that the bow doesn’t come undone, and then pin the two ends to the wreath in the back at the length you would like and trim the excess.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Wreath Tutorial

Step 4:
Attach Mickey!! My Mickey required a few strategically placed pins to keep him attached.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Wreath Tutorial

This is super simple and everyone will be amazed at your creativity!! 🙂