Mommy and Me Baby Gym Classes with Play 2 Grow – Atlanta

Bryce and I had so much fun today! A few weeks ago I came across a groupon for some mommy and me baby gym classes for Play 2 Grow here in Atlanta. I was hoping they would offer a class while Noah was in school and it turns out they did! Yay! So I was able to easily purchase the groupon and sign Bryce up! Turns out it would have been OK because they offer sitting services for siblings. Seriously, as a mom of two, that is the freakin’ bomb!!

I am familiar with mommy and me baby gym classes because I participated in Gymboree classes with Noah starting when he was 3 months old up until we moved to Atlanta when he was 15 months. Noah loved the classes and I loved participating with him. As a new mom this was a perfect way for me to meet other moms and have some support as I figured out how to be a mom. As a new stay at home mom it added routine to our week and made sure I got out of the house. I was forced to at least brush my teeth and change out of pajamas!

Now since Bryce was born I just hadn’t had the opportunity. The local Gymboree class schedule didn’t work and they don’t offer to watch siblings. 🙁 I had heard about Play 2 Grow, but had yet to really check it out. Finally when I saw the groupon I knew this was the perfect chance!! So today we dropped Noah off at school/camp and after letting Bryce take a short nap in the car, headed to Play 2 Grow.

Bryce is considered an Explorer and man is he!! As soon as we sat down in the room he crawled straight across the floor and started climbing! Yep, definitely an explorer!

Mommy and Me Baby Gym Classes Atlanta

We started out learning our baby signs for the day, please and thank you, along with some singing and clapping, which he loved. He was sitting in my lap while I used his hands to clap and stretch but I could see his face in the mirror and he had a huge smile and even laughed a few times. Then we placed the babies on big inflatable balls and worked on their balancing skills, holding them securely around the waist the whole time of course! 🙂 Next Ms. Jenny, our instructor, set up a little obstacle course for the babies and scattered toys (small balls, maracas, and various size rings) around the room. Apparently, unbeknownst to me, Bryce loves to climb! He climbed up on every little obstacle he could!

As the babies played Ms. Jenny brought out a big swing and each baby took a turn swinging on it. Bryce enjoyed it but liked it best when I tried to get his toes as he got close. I was treated to some pterodactyl laughs. Those are my favorite! 🙂

Mommy and Me Baby Gym Classes Atlanta

We finished up class with a sensory activity. Today’s activity was a small ball pit for the them to play in. Which once again Bryce loved. He banged two balls together and of course tried to eat a few. Apparently they get really creative with the sensory activities. One of the other parents told me that they have also had classes where they had big tubs of jello or pasta where they have stripped the babies down to their diapers and let them play! Now that is awesome!! You know what the best part of that is?? They get to clean it up! LOL

Mommy and Me Baby Gym Classes

I am so excited to go again! Our groupon for Play 2 Grow is for 8 classes and we have 10 weeks to use them. There are a few weeks where I am signing Bryce up to go to camp with Noah so he will miss the Thursday class, but they also have one on Wednesday and for $10 they will let Noah participate in their camp there while Bryce is in class, or I can sign him up for the whole day of camp for $30 (approximately). That is probably my favorite part of this whole thing. Noah can have fun while I am able to attend class with Bryce!