Mommy and Me Monday’s

Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth of July! We spent last week at the beach, in Oak Island, NC. It was beautiful. There were lots of people of course, but it wasn’t an overdeveloped area. Mostly beach houses without any high rises to be seen. We had  a wonderful time with Eric’s family and I even got some writing done. Not blog writing but actual fiction! It was pretty awesome. It’s amazing what you can get done when you have no WiFi and limited cell service. 🙂

With a beautiful beach as a backdrop I of course had my camera and was able to get some fun pictures, including a few with me actually in it! So here is our Mommy and Me Monday photos, and a few extra’s thrown in just for fun! This is, of course, a link up. Check out Krystyn with Really, Are you Serious? She is a great inspiration and reminder to make sure that I get in the pictures too!

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