Mommy TMI Vlog Linkup

Last month I had the opportunity to connect with More Than Mommies at the Bloggy Boot Camp I attended in Charlotte. These girls are pretty awesome! They have recently started a Blog Hop / Linkup which includes a weekly vlog called Mommy TMI. They give you 3 questions to answer in your vlog and then you can link up with other bloggers out there. Not only is this fun but it’s giving me a way to practice vlogging! I’ve already improved my editing skills. Now if only I could actually fix my hair. LOL

Here is this weeks Mommy TMI and the questions I had to answer.

1) Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met?

2)What hair products do you use and why? (Noah helped me answer this question LOL)

3)What is your biggest turn off in bed? (I turn a little red at the beginning of this one)

Below are the rest of the bloggers who linked up! You can check them out and link up your own blog if you would like!