My First Stitch Fix Arrived and I am Hooked!!

It’s been quite some time that I have been watching everyone get their Stitch Fix boxes and drooling over their clothes! I finally decided in December to do it and last week I received my first box.

Ya’ll I am hooked!

I loved every single thing in the box. If I hadn’t just spent a small fortune on Christmas I would have purchased the whole box and received the 25% discount. But, let me back up and explain a few things in case you have no idea what I’m talking about.

Stitch Fix is a personal styling company that picks out clothing for you based on a pretty lengthy style profile you fill out. You can also create a pinterest board full of ideas for your stylist to use when choosing you items. Once your fix is scheduled you will receive an email letting you know when to expect it. Your stylist will choose 5 items for you based on your profile and any special requests. If you know you have a wedding or high school reunion or other special event coming up you can request items specifically for that! I asked for layered pieces that I could wear now but would also work once it started to warm up and I also expressed my obsession with scarves. 🙂 I wanted casual and comfy that I could chase my kids around in, but also look nice for a meeting. So is the life of a work at home mom.

They really knocked it out of the park!! Here is what I found when I opened my box and pulled everything out!

Stitch Fix Review_Style Cards


For each item they send they provide you with a style card, giving you suggestions for wearing the item in different ways! Each card separates so I can tuck them in my purse for the next time I go shopping!

My first item was the Chester Colorblock Houndstooth Scarf


Love this!! It was $34 and, for me, a no brainer. Definitely kept this!!

The next items were the Stanyan V-Neck Knit Top and the Taryn Skinny Jean.

StitchFix_Vneck Knit Top

I was photo bombed by this little guy, who is growing like a little bean pole!!! 

I loved both of these items! The knit top was $58 and that works for me. I like to mix and match my wardrobe with super sales and nicer pieces. I have shirts that cost me $10 and some that were closer to $100. I decided not to get this one though because there was another shirt that I loved even more and I gave myself a $100 limit. Here are some of the styling ideas they gave for this shirt. So cute!

Stitch Fix Stanyan Style card

The Taryn Skinny Jeans are also awesome! They are a very dark navy and almost look like pants. Very nice! Unfortunately they are $148. That is a little too much for me right now. Most of my jeans are Lucky jeans so they aren’t much cheaper, but I don’t really need jeans right now so I decided not to get these. If I had purchased all five items I would have recieved a 25% discount making these jeans much more affordable for me. But, as I mentioned before it was too soon after Christmas. Here are the styling ideas they gave for the jeans.

Stitch Fix Jeans Style Card

The next item I received was the Nielson Lightweight Cotton Cardigan. Once again, absolutely loved this top. It draped beautifully in the front and hid all the things I usually want hidden. 🙂


It was $64, which isn’t too bad, but it was super thin and I worried that it would start to show wear quickly so I didn’t keep it. With the 25% discount it would have been under $50 though. Here is the style card for the cardigan.

Stitch Fix Cardigan Style Card

The last item was my absolute favorite!! The Avena Split Neck Blouse. I am in love with this print!!! And it fits perfectly. When I first put it on I didn’t think I liked the way it fit. But I’m glad I tried it again because now it is my favorite shirt!!


I seriously freaking love this shirt! The photo doesn’t show it well, but it has a pretty bold pink stripe in it and it looks great! This shirt was $54 and here were the style ideas.

Stitch Fix Split Neck Blouse Style Card


So between the scarf and the split neck blouse I spent $88. I had already paid $20 to receive the box so that meant my balance was only $68. And the best part was that I didn’t have to leave my house!! I have very limited kid free time and honestly I would rather not spend it shopping!

If I had purchased all five items my bill would have been $253.50 (after deducting the $20 I had already paid). I rarely spend that much money shopping at one time, but depending on your budget it’s not that crazy. This is not something I expect to do monthly, but will be perfect about every couple months. My next fix is schedule to arrive in March. I can pick a couple (or more) pieces to start off my spring wardrobe and have some style cards to guide me as I shop for extra less expensive items!

All in all I am very happy that I gave Stitch Fix a try and can definitely see it fitting perfectly into my budget and schedule!!


This is not a sponsored post. I received nothing in compensation. All opinions are my own. Links used above are referral links.