My next project….

It may be a while before I start this next project, but I would love to share my inspiration. The picture below is a felt pillow. I found the photo as well as a tutorial here that I am going to use as a guide, but I doubt I will follow it exactly or use the same materials.

I am in love with the clustered roses, but instead of a pillow I want to use them as details on a purse. I’m thinking a crocheted ivory wool clutch, felted, with these clustered roses in a deep red and deep red lining. It will be perfect for fall!!! But first I have a few other projects that I have to get back to. Namely, Hannah’s poncho and Noah’s Blanket. Luckily it’s still way too hot for Hannah to be wearing a poncho and Noah shouldn’t be arriving until December, but I am still going to make myself work on them for at least one evening. 🙂

Till next time!

-Tracy (24 weeks pregnant and addicted to crafting)