Photo Projects On Shutterfly

So, I have finally gotten around to ordering a photo book of our wedding. I’m actually shocked that I did it, two and a half years later! I think it was probably the free photobook email that I received from Shutterfly that did it. 🙂 As an added bonus, once I completed my order and paid only $8.55 for my book (shipping + tax) I saw that you can share your photo books on your blog. So I have included it below for your viewing pleasure. 🙂

I of course waited until the last minute to do this, so I hope it looks good! We’ll see when it comes in the mail!

Oh and if all of this wasn’t awesome enough, when I clicked to get the code to embed the photo book on this blog, I also received instructions on how to get $10 off my next order for sharing this! I love, love, love saving money!! 🙂

Click here to view this photo book larger