Pottytraining In The South

31 Stories From The South: Pottytraining in the South - The UnCoordinated MommyToday I’m going to tell a little story about my sister today, you remember Jamie, she was saved by a flying roach.

When we were little girls my mother ran the local florist. She ran it out of a small house with a front porch that sat right across the street from City Hall. While she worked my sister would play and take naps in the back room. One day she was sitting in the back room working when her telephone rang. It was “so and so” from over at city hall.

So and So: “Cindy, Jamie is out on the front porch.”

My Mom: “Oh thank you, I know, she’s been playing out there for a while. She knows to stay on the porch.”

So and So: “No it’s not that, you might want to check on her.”

My Mom: *starting to get worried* “Why, what’s she doing?”

So and So: “We can only guess that Jamie must have been seen some little boys going potty and she must be a little……confused.”

Sure enough, as mom came out front Jamie was standing near the edge with her panties and shorts around her ankles “trying” to pee off the porch.

Turns out there was actually a city council meeting going on across the street and while they all found it to be quite hilarious they felt Mom should probably be notified.

**Ironically, she is about to start pottytraining her son, my nephew Thomas. Luckily she has a little past experience to draw on! LOL 😉