#PottytrainingChat Etiquette

#PottytrainingChat Twitter Chat

I am so excited to start this weekly potty training chat!! We all know how consuming potty training can be and unfortunately the rest of the world, ie our old coworkers and high school classmates on Facebook, don’t really want to hear all the nasty/funny stories and how proud we are of our little ones for pooping in the potty! Look no further and head on over to twitter! We will be convening every Tuesday at 9pm EST to talk about potty training!! Just follow the #pottytrainingchat hashtag and jump on in the conversation!

I only ask two things.

1) Please don’t overly spam us. Links, to other posts or your own are totally welcome. BUT please don’t overload us and also you should be actively participating in the chat as well.

2) Be courteous. As parents we have to be totally convinced that the way we are doing something is the “right” way, otherwise we will drive ourselves crazy with self doubt. HOWEVER, that does not mean we need to berate others for their methods. There are generally two schools of thought with potty training, Parent Led and Child Led. Let’s respect each other choices and provide support. This stuff is stressful enough, we need to lift each other up and try and make life a little easier. So basically – If you can’t say something nice, Don’t say anything at all.

But that’s it!! Have fun and we will see you in the twitterverse!