Proudly Wearing My Mom Badge

Today was one of those days that started out so great! You know those days? You wake up and it’s not to a screaming child. You lay in bed and flip through your phone and enjoy a moment of peace and tranquility.

I wasn’t exhausted, for once, and while I was having light contractions every now and then, that was actually a good thing. Sometimes, on bad days, Noah and I are in our PJs until well after lunch! But not this morning I was up and dressed and actually had to go in and wake Noah up, at 9:00AM!!! He rolled around in his bed giggling and happy and handing me his binkies and blankies, which he now calls his babies. I pulled him up and out of the crib and we snuggled in the rocking chair for a moment before changing his diaper and getting him dressed for the day. Couldn’t have been a more perfect morning.

I had decided that this week was going to be completely chill. I am getting closer and closer to D-Day and I want to save my strength. If I go into labor tonight I want to be rested, not exhausted from running errands all day or trying to clean the house from top to bottom. However, this morning we were both feeling so great, despite the rainy weather, that I thought we might head up to the indoor playground at the mall and to JoAnn Fabrics (my indoor playground) and pick up a few things.

See How Happy He Was!

I literally took two steps into the store and Noah coughed and started to gag. I immediately froze in the doorway and cupped my hand under his mouth. Sure enough, up came a little bit of his breakfast. I turned and rushed out of the store as I felt his little body heave. We made it out onto the sidewalk just as he started throwing up in earnest. I had him standing on the ground leaning over as he vomited. Meanwhile I have throw-up in my hand and that’s the arm the diaper bag is on. My new diaper bag. In between heaves, I stretch to one side, as far away as possible and set the diaper bag on the ground. I managed to get my hand through the straps without spilling or dripping any of the contents. Yuck, yuck, yuck! Not sure how that was even possible.

Poor Noah is still heaving and vomiting and starting to cry. It is like his tiny little hand is squeezing my heart. I swear, I never experienced anything close to that feeling until I had a child. That feeling of wanting to take every single ounce of suffering away, even if it meant that you would bear it ten fold, and knowing that you can’t. Horrible. Just horrible.

The heaving finally stops and I have managed, in the meantime, to get the wipes out of the bag with my good hand. Amazingly other than my hand and his shoes, we are both pretty much clean. Once again, I have no idea how that was possible. Thank you Lord. I quickly clean him up as best I can while reassuring him that everything is ok.

During all of this some very nice people have stopped to offer help, and one woman has told me that she will let an employee inside know so they can come clean it up. We are literally in front of the doors. I couldn’t even make it off to the side. Funnily enough, I didn’t realize it then, but thinking back the stupid electronic doors were opening and closing the entire time this was happening. LOL One really nice mama came outside with her daughter and container of wipes and handed them to me one-by-one as I finished cleaning us up. God Bless Her. 🙂

After all this craziness I took Noah to the back of the store into the bathroom and did a more thorough clean up. He was wearing Crocs so I just dumped them in the sink and cleaned them up. Then I put his feet in the sink and washed them too. He had wanted to wear his football jersey this morning and luckily I had put a t-shirt on under that. So I just took that off and VOILA I had a clean baby. Some wet paper towels to the face and a few tiny sips of water from his sippy cup and he was good to go. Meanwhile, other than crying while throwing up, he was completely fine. He was running in circles in the bathroom and giggling as I finished washing my hands.

Since he was fine, and we both were clean, I grabbed a shopping cart and picked out my fabric! LOL I definitely didn’t dawdle or anything. Probably one of the quickest trips at Joanns, but still I got my errand run. We did however skip the indoor playground on the off chance he has a bug.

Today I proudly display my mom badge, because I earned it!!

Mom Badge I Earned It

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