The Way I View “Friendship”

As usual I end up with a vision of the perfect photo of how I view _____, and I rarely actually get that photo taken. Sometimes it’s just not possible, but most often I have the greatest aspirations, but run out of time in the end. So when I looked back at the photos that I took this past month the photo below obviously stood out to me showing friendship. This photo is of Noah and two of his cousins, Thomas and Rhett at Easter. My mother bought the three of them matching outfits because they are so close in age and it was just too adorable to pass up. Rhett is 6 weeks older and Thomas is 8 months younger than Noah. These little boys are going to be great friends!!

And in case you missed my posts and tweets earlier this week, Noah is going to have a little brother!! Congrats Thomas you won’t be the youngest for long! The next addition to this gang will be 1 year younger than Thomas. Man will we have our hands full next Easter!!!

This was quite an interesting photo to take! Thomas is now crawling like a little champ, but at the time was just beginning to master the art of sitting up. That’s why you see a hand in between him and Rhett. The hand belongs to my aunt, we didn’t want little Thomas tumbling backwards into the bushes. Rhett is by far the best at posing, what a cute little ham he is!

I hope you enjoy my view of friendship….. now go check out Barbs and everyone else’s!!

Also, to all you Clickin’ Moms, check out this earlier post if you haven’t already. I’m definitely biased about the subject matter, but it is some beautiful photography.

I had so much fun with my camera that day that I just have to share some more of the photos I took….

I love a good photo of a crying baby.... can't help it, they crack me up!
Noah leaning in to kiss Thomas
He had more fun opening the eggs and taking the stuff out than finding them!
My cousin Savanna and her boyfriend Taylor


Awww - young love, isn't it so sweet...... and fleeting, they have already broken up