The Way I View “Happiness”

First I have to apologize for being absent for so long. I have had a crazy couple of months! Let me try to catch you up.

On February 4th I found out that Noah will be getting a little brother or sister on September 16th. 🙂 Yep, I am pregnant! And if that wasn’t enough excitement a week later Eric found out that he got a job with the Atlanta Falcons. So we found out that not only were we having a baby, but we were moving to Atlanta! So you would think that we would have a little bit of time to get everything packed and move, but wrong! Eric had to start his new job on March 1st! That meant we had two weeks in Jacksonville to pack everything up, and two weeks in Atlanta (in temporary housing) to find a house and move in.

All of this was made extra fun by bouts of morning sickness, I had a continual cold the entire time and Noah decided to start getting his molars. It’s a good thing that February wasn’t about viewing “happiness” because other than finding out we were having a baby their wasn’t much happiness to be found.

Amazingly, now we have been in Atlanta for a month now and are finally all settled in. I am absolutely in love with our new house and thankfully Noah’s teething woes seem to have passed, for the time being. I am feeling much better having entered my second trimester and have managed to go two whole weeks without getting sick. Knock on wood! With all this craziness going on I completely forgot until Rachel sent me an email that April was here and that were supposed to post today! With that being said I don’t have a “real” photo to share, but I do have two amazing photos that I took of Noah using my iPhone.

Could he be any happier?

 This photo makes me so happy 🙂

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