Thinking About Trying Stitch Fix? Get Your Styling Fee Waived!

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Have you heard of Stitch Fix? Have you considered trying it but are worried you might not like any of the clothes and then be charged the $20 styling fee for nothing? 

Try StitchFix and Get Your Styling Fee Waived

This is your chance! From now until the end of November if you schedule your first fix your styling fee will be waived! It’s a no brainer and the perfect chance to give it a shot. We rarely have the time to go shopping for ourselves. That’s why StitchFix is the answer to a busy moms prayers!

If you are looking at your cold weather wardrobe and find it lacking or have a holiday event coming up tell you stylist! And don’t forget to schedule a fix for your holiday card photos!

The more specific you can be the better! Asking for things like a good pair of black pants or skinny jeans is great. But a word of caution, do not ask for specific brands or styles. The stylist are picking from their stock and may not have specific items you request. One year I requested a fix full of just pants! It was awesome, I was able to try on different styles, colors and textures. I also requested a fix for the Super Bowl earlier this year. They did great! Stitch Fix, not the Falcons. 🙁 I ended up keeping that entire fix and another one I got in August. You can see a few of my earlier fixes and learn more about Stitch Fix here. I usually order about two or three a year. And remember if you keep all five items you get a 20% discount. That usually means that one item will be free.



There is no coupon needed, just sign up here and your first styling fee will be waived! Have you ever tried StitchFix? Do you know someone who would like to? Please let me know if you have any questions or need help setting up your style profile!